Boone County 12 Year

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Boone County 12 Year



Tasting notes

Mash Bill – 75% corn 21% rye 4% malted barley


Rich glossy amber with golden highlights and sparkle


Full caramel and brown sugar notes with carmalized wood essence (crème brulee)

Hints of corn sweetness and grain

Black pepper/leather/tobacco/raisin/dates/ripe peach/bing cherry/red delicious apple


Spice on back of palate with bell pepper and light cayenne/nutty coffee/vanilla/brown sugar


Warm and full mouth feel with dry, sweet, long finish

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Our Heritage

William Snyder arrived in Petersburg, Kentucky, with a will of iron and a vision for prosperity in America’s west. What he found there, a few cold, misty steps from the banks of the Ohio, was the intoxicating taste of opportunity. William and his brother John acquired the town’s steam mill in 1833 and transformed it into a distilling giant, turning grains, yeast and water into straight bourbon whiskey.

The work was hard as an oak knot. Sweat and grit in the summer and cracked, bleeding knuckles in the dark winter. Women working along side the men. Old Kentucky mules pulling barrel sleds over rock and ice, straining under the whip. But you got paid regular, so you counted yourself lucky.

We bottle this to honor them. The Snyder boys, the Petersburg locals. The merchants and savages, the coopers and boilermakers and rivermen. We honor their bravery and determination with each bottle of Eighteen33, straight bourbon whiskey.

For those who came before us.