Yellowstone Limited Edition 105 Proof 7 Year Old

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Yellowstone Limited Edition 105 Proof 7 Year Old


Blend: 3 different bourbons
Cask: New charred oak
Age: 7 years (12, 7 and 7)
ABV: 52.5%

Edition: 2015

Polished cherry wood

Corn, caramel, spice and cherry dark fruit mix with light notes of vanilla, dusty sweetness (crushed Smarties), citrus candy, wood and some yeasty bread-like notes. It’s not a bad bourbon by any stretch.

Toasted grain, wood, caramel, cherry heavy dark fruit, spice and corn coat the palate leaving little room for the light notes of vanilla, charred citrus and pepper that try to work their way in.

Long and corn fueled with a bit of wood, fruit, leather and candy sweetness.

Moderate balance with a full body and a slightly rough feel.

The 2015 Yellowstone Limited Edition bourbon is good, but it’s not drop everything and find a bottle good. It has some great aspects to the nose and palate that I enjoy and is overall a decent bourbon. If I were to make a guess at the 3 bourbons in here I’d say they were Jim Beam, Rebel Yell and some Heaven Hill bourbon as those are the 3 that kept popping into my mind while smelling and tasting this.

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