Compass Box The Double Single

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Compass Box The Double Single

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The Double Single
- Parcel 1 is 20YO

Limited Edition release of 5,838 bottles worldwide. Bottled March 2017.

Flavor Descriptors

The blending of the two component whiskies in The Double Single allows the sweet caramel flavors of the grain whisky to complement the fruity and herbal flavors of the malt, giving the final blend
a creamy vanilla character overlaying a delicate ethereal malt whisky character.


The combination is a deeply satisfying yet versatile whisky, perfect served as a rich aperitif before a winter’s dinner, or as a rewarding post-prandial any time of year.

Bottling Details

Bottled at 46% Not chill- filtered Natural color

For Double Single, instead of using many tens of component whiskies we have used just two – one single grain whisky and one single malt whisky (hence the name). Both are beautiful liquids in their own right but we believe they are elevated above the sum of their parts when combined in the correct proportions.

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